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Turning Burnout into Resilience at Trinity Mid Atlantic

Philadelphia-based Trinity Mid Atlantic has partnered with NeuroFlow to support its current and future frontline workers and nurses. The regional health system is taking proactive steps to address healthcare worker burnout with evidence-based, self-directed tools and a measurement-based care approach.

Clinical Burnout and the Impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions

The cost of clinical burnout is too high to ignore. Provider burnout is estimated at $4.6B annually1 and the total cost of burnout per provider may be as high as nearly $2 million2. Even more costly is the impact on healthcare workers’ wellbeing and the erosion of team unity. Burnout is associated with increased rates of depression, substance use disorder and suicide3.

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Break the Cycle of Burnout

All medical professionals are at risk of burnout, and COVID-19 has intensified growing levels of stress within an overburdened system. Healthcare leaders have the opportunity to break this cycle of negative emotions by giving their healthcare workers access to proven, evidence-based behavioral health tools.

How NeuroFlow Helps

Behavioral health awareness

Challenge the stigma through educational, evidence-based resources

Self-directed resiliency tools

Remotely deliver personalized tools and guides, offering the right care at the right time

Response services

Support high and rising-risk individuals with proactive outreach

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