How Array Behavioral Care Addresses Access and Continuity of Care

A NeuroFlow Partner Profile

The following interview kicks off NeuroFlow’s Partner Profile series where we spotlight partners from our referral network and the innovative work they’re doing to help solve the mental health crisis.

Array Behavioral Care is the nation’s leading clinician-centric virtual psychiatry and therapy practice with a mission to transform access to quality, timely behavioral health care. For more than 23 years, Array has offered telepsychiatry solutions and services across the continuum of care, from hospital to home. With an important focus on expanding access to care and improving outcomes for underserved individuals, facilities, and communities, Array has helped shape the field, define the standard of care, and advocate for improved telepsychiatry-friendly regulations. NeuroFlow had the chance to chat with Array’s Co-Founder and CEO, Geoffrey Boyce, to discuss behavioral health challenges and innovation within the space.   

Q: What’s your background in the healthcare industry and how did that lead you to your current role?

After earning my MBA at University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, I connected with industry pioneer, Dr. James R. Varrell, who performed the nation’s first involuntary psychiatric commitment via telepsychiatry in 1999 and has since been one of the country’s top advocates for the appropriate use of telepsychiatry to increase access to care. 

Array Behavioral Care's CEO Geoffrey Boyce.

Array CEO, Geoffrey Boyce

I found healthcare to be a perfect fit for my interest in entrepreneurship and building something that mattered in a market where there was a real opportunity to do something good.

Together, we created InSight Telepsychiatry in 2009 with myself as CEO and Dr. Varrell as Chief Medical Officer, positions we still hold. In 2019, InSight Telepsychiatry merged with Regroup Telehealth to form the largest telepsychiatry service provider organization in the country.  In January 2021, the team launched under a new name, Array Behavioral Care.

As the CEO, my goal is to keep innovating to make the delivery of behavioral health more efficient and to integrate it into our overall health care system seamlessly.

Q: How does Array help uniquely address the mental health crisis?

Array helps fix the enormous and costly supply and demand issue of mental health by delivering psychiatry in the right places at the right time. Array uniquely offers coordinated psychiatrist-led longitudinal care for the most acute, complex, and costly patients. Our suite of psychiatrist-led assessment and care solutions help avoid inappropriate admissions, ensure faster and more efficient clinical outcomes through effective and proper treatment planning and delivery, and lower the overall cost of care for behavioral health patients.

In addition, because there is such a supply-demand imbalance, there are pain points and things that are on fire everywhere. Organizations are looking to put some point solutions in place to extinguish those fires, but the reality is that patients with mental health needs can become lost in point solutions that fail to connect patients to the appropriate level of care. 

Array is developing partnerships and programs—like our great collaboration with NeuroFlow—that think about that continuum and that tie together services that offer increased continuity as people transition from one level of care to the next. We’re excited because we’re increasingly seeing health systems and payors take that seriously. It’s not just about cost and access. It’s more about considering where the patient came from, where they are going, and how we can tie it all together to best serve the individual.

Q: What excites you most about your partnership with NeuroFlow?

There has been a flood of activity in the mental health space and a proliferation of novel behavioral care apps, technology tools, and coaching programs. It can be difficult and overwhelming for patients and healthcare providers to evaluate the various options and select those that are most appropriate. Unfortunately, some of those subclinical solutions don’t tie into escalation points and handoffs to real, licensed professionals nor do they feed information back to the patient’s care team or flex according to the patient’s changing health care needs.

This is where NeuroFlow really stands out as an innovator in the behavioral health space because of its ability to help providers and payors deliver appropriate, high-quality, evidence-based behavioral health assessments, content, and care to the populations they manage. That aligns well with Array’s mission and vision for the future based on a commitment to timely, high-quality integrated care and comprehensive service offerings.

Q: Any parting words of wisdom for healthcare professionals?

We believe there is a way for companies to work together and package their respective pieces to make a more comprehensive behavioral health solution that’s integrated into the larger picture of health and wellness. No one needs to manage this challenge alone. There’s more than enough work for us all that can make a big impact on individuals in need of mental health support. At Array, we’re always happy to find opportunities to collaborate with others. 

We’re also excited to see a flood of new technologies, new solutions, and innovations coming into this space, particularly sub-clinical digital tools and technologies that allow for an intervention by an unlicensed professional such as a peer, coach, or case manager. Those things are exciting, and all have their place, but we want to see them have appropriate escalation points and a tie in to licensed professional services when appropriate. 

At Array, we’re focused on how to best support the delivery of behavioral healthcare services from top of license professionals—psychiatrists in particular—and spread their expertise out and down across the mental health hierarchy of needs that exists. The future involves comprehensive solutions that tie some of these new innovations into tried-and-true best practices from licensed professionals.

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