A Year Unlike Any Other

NeuroFlow in 2020 – The Year in Review

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year no one is going to forget any time soon. The twelve months were marked by a global pandemic, tense elections, record-setting natural disasters, and renewed calls for social justice, the importance of mental health has never been greater.

As we take a look back on a one-of-a-kind year, we wanted to provide a glimpse into how we’ve forged ahead in our mission of bridging the gap between physical and behavioral health. In this past year, we’ve grown exponentially, learned a ton, and found new ways to support one another during uncertain times.  We hope you enjoy a quick recap of the adventures of 2020 at NeuroFlow HQ and get a glimpse into the exciting future ahead as we look towards the new year.

A Fresh Start with Our New Office

We kicked off the new year with a bang — a new address! From humble beginnings of a closet on a university campus to a brand new 4575 sq ft office above the historic Bourse Building in Old City, we’ve come a long way. Little did we know we’d have to leave a few boxes still unpacked as we adapted to remote work within a few short weeks. 

The names of the meeting rooms reference the NeuroFlow offices that came before it, helping to remind the team of how our past shaped our present and will inform our future. While we didn’t get to use the new office as much as we would’ve liked, we did appreciate the additional room to display some exciting company awards and recognition that we’ve received.  All while making sure to add some of that sought after “Neurochic” look our CEO Chris has been dreaming about, though we’re pretty sure that just roughly translates into exposed wood…

Employee Growth Across the Board

Why the new office? We needed somewhere for all the new team members to sit for one thing! We expanded our leadership team and brought on over twenty full-time staffers, including teammates with experience at the White House, ZocDoc, and GoPuff just to name a few. We also added some NeuroFlow newborns to the family and the #Neuropets Slack channel is well on its way to breaking the internet. 

As always, we were blown away with the work of our incredible, dedicated associates supporting various teams and continue to benefit from our ever expanding roster of company advisors who help us navigate the path towards becoming the most comprehensive behavioral health solution.  By the way, we’re actively hiring for roles across the company! Head over to our careers page to learn more about what it’s like working at NeuroFlow and to review our current openings.

Welcoming All of Our New Customers & Partners

At NeuroFlow, one of our core values has been in the driver’s seat for the last eleven-ish months. “Own the whole product and be customer obsessed.” And we’re obsessed with all of our new members and partners that have joined us in a record-setting growth year.  In just this past year, the Philadelphia Police Department, Commonwealth Pain and Spine, The US Air Force, Wounded Warrior Project and many more incredible associations became members of the “Neurofam” — which is now comprised of 200+ organizations and companies taking a more comprehensive approach to behavioral health. 

Bringing Innovation to Behavioral Health 

But a lot more has changed than just our address and the size of our team. Our engineering and product squads put forth an audacious product roadmap at the beginning of the year, iterated and adjusted like no other, and found a way to execute and deliver a better solution than ever before. Just a few highlights include:

  • Major updates to NeuroFlow trackers: We made it easier for users to track mood, sleep, stress, pain, and pain impact all from one easy to use location
  • Empowering engagement with “Journeys”: This was a big one. Journeys give our users more insight into the “what” and “why” of their wellness plan with more intuitive daily reminders, surveys, and other activities to help them get better, faster.
  • NeuroFlow ApplicationA new integration with Epic: Now available in the App Orchard Marketplace, our integration with Epic makes it even easier for our healthcare partners to embrace and deliver integrated behavioral health.
  • New reporting features: Data with purpose is what we strive for. Feedback and collaboration with our care providers helped inform exciting updates to the clinical reports and dashboards available in NeuroFlow. 
  • Custom registration updates: In addition to our streamlined SMS and Email invite flows, we now offer enhanced sign up flows for our enterprise customers, who can now manage and customize the full invitation and onboarding experience.  

The above list is just a small sample of the jaw dropping features our team demoed at the end of every sprint. We didn’t even have room to cover things like provider annotations, athenahealth integration updates, clinical suggestions, brand new templates, enhanced rewards and gift cards, a completely new website….

A New Year’s Resolution of ours? Bring our incredible site-level dashboard to our customers very soon!

What “Customer Obsession” Means at NeuroFlow

But at the end of the day, it’s not about us. It’s about our customers. And by looking at the outpouring of support and demand, we’re onto something special. Our (incredible and rapidly growing) Customer Success squad handles everything spanning strategic priorities, Voice of the Customer Programs, support/training, and even hand delivering NeuroFlow onesies. By keeping a customer-obsessed spirit and focusing on solving problems and creating solutions, it makes sense that we ended the year with an average customer satisfaction of 80.6%, an incredible metric for just about any industry, let alone healthcare.

2020 also marked the start of our “Customer Success Roundtables”, a virtual gathering of hand-picked users with the intent of building community and collaboration amongst NeuroFlow customers and a deepened, more collegial relationship between NeuroFlow’s CS & Product teams and customers.

And while we love celebrating awards and positive metrics, we know what those numbers really mean. They mean that we’re supporting thousands of patients, clinicians, providers, and front-line workers find the help, support, and treatment they need to get through what has been one of the toughest years in recent memory. And you’ve let us know what that means to you. 

Here are just a few of testimonials that remind us that when it comes to integrating behavioral health in all care settings, failure is not an option:

“I appreciate that you are opening up this avenue of wellness. I especially like the journal aspect so the doctor can look back (if allowed) and see your notes. I am one that tends to hide my pain behind a smile. This makes it hard for the doctors to recognize that there really is a problem that needs to be addressed. These journals provide the doctor a window into my more difficult moments.”
– NeuroFlow User

“It’s still been incredibly helpful, and I enjoy it so much. The first thing it did was help me focus and get through an activity, actually think about my pain and issues and not just try to ignore it, or how I can help myself. I’m doing better at working on me instead of worrying about others
NeuroFlow User

“This technology will streamline our workflow and enhance the way we can engage with and ultimately care for our patient population”
Medical Director, Oklahoma Pain and Wellness

“Words don’t express what this is going to do for our Defender Nation
– Air Force Sergeant

“COVID-19 had a dramatic impact on our practice but I would like to credit NeuroFlow for lessening that impact – it was a lifeline
Staff Member, The Regional Pain Institute

“It’s really a great tool that helps us ensure that our patients are healthy and safe
– Dr. Jennifer Hummel, Jefferson Health

“I love this app honestly, helps keep me paying attention even if only a couple of minutes a day to my mind and body and keeping me redirecting to that awareness. I feel like I notice things more in helpful ways now, and it makes me think more about my behaviors and how things I do impact how I feel. It’s really helpful to foster that mind-body connection without having to think about it.”
– NeuroFlow User


What’s Next? Looking Forward to 2021 

If anything, 2020 has been a stark reminder of the importance of mental health for everyone. The recent approval and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines indicates that a light at the end of the tunnel exists as we know that we will get through the current health crisis. But we must remember that the finish line for truly integrated, holistic healthcare isn’t just around the corner. Fortunately, a new approach to technology-enabled behavioral health offers a way forward for patients and providers alike. We are more prepared and inspired than ever to continue pushing forward with new innovations, improvements, partnerships, and awareness efforts as we prepare for a big — and unpredictable — year ahead.

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