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NeuroFlow works with leading health plans, provider systems, as well as the U.S. military and government to enhance virtual health programs by delivering a comprehensive approach to whole-person care through digital behavioral health integration – an evidence-based model to identify and treat consumers with depression, anxiety and other behavioral health conditions across all care settings.


Turnkey solutions empowering primary care to integrate behavioral health, deliver higher quality care, and easily transition into value-based arrangements



Government & Military

Increase individual effectiveness, readiness, and overall wellness while gaining real-time individual and population-level insights

Health Plans

Gain actionable insights across populations and reduce the cost of care without sacrificing member engagement and experience


An invite-only, secure mobile app to support and strengthen your mind-body connection and help you be your best self

Collaborative Care Reduces Costs and Improves Outcomes

By integrating behavioral health into the primary care setting, increasing screening and self-care plans - BHI can reduce ED utilization by 23% and inpatient visits by 10%.1

80% of NeuroFlow users self-reported a reduction in depression or anxiety symptoms and 62% of users with severe depression score improve to moderate or better.2

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Continuous Engagement Closes the Clinical Feedback Loop

An award-winning consumer app delivers evidence-based, personalized self-care programs with over 70% engagement rate. Continued activity informs a severity score, allowing ongoing monitoring of patient progress, compliance and outcomes.

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The Leader In Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Integration (tBHI™)

NeuroFlow for digital behavioral health integration offers a unique solution to improve health outcomes and enhance the patient experience while reducing the costs of care.

tBHI integrates the digital consumer health experience with care, cost, and quality support to enable the integration of behavioral health into all care settings - NeuroFlow helps bend the cost curve and drive meaningful health and behavior changes.

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